Just a beautiful little sunrise time-lapse filmed from the terrace of my studio here in Goring-By-Sea, West Sussex UK.

Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and appreciate all that's beautiful and grand.

One of my favourite qualities about myself is also one that causes me some of my greatest frustrations.

I have a tendency towards becoming preoccupied with mastering things from time to time.

My latest preoccupation/obsession has been in mastering time-lapses.

It all started with one prospective client requesting a time-lapse for an upcoming project and that has resulted in me trying different techniques and setups over the last ten days.

Well, I'm happy to say that I'm finally content with my process.

Mostly. 😂

There will always be wrinkles to iron out and variations to employ but I'm really pleased with what I've learned in terms of creating time-lapses over this time.

It's been a great way of making use of this current lockdown here in the UK but I'm also excited to turn my attention towards a great project that I just finished outlining and which should be ready in the next couple of days.

I hope you'll enjoy this morning's time-lapse here in the meantime and best of luck living with your own favourite/frustrating qualities.