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I'm Kevan Smith of Epiphany Content. I’m based in Sussex and my clients range from BAFTA award winners, multi-national building firms, television personalities and heads of state to local businesses, respected artists and ambitious entrepreneurs. So you can rest assured that your content investment will be handled in a timely manner and delivered to the highest standard possible.


I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas (U.S.A.), and my previous experience includes a career as a production rigger, working primarily in television and film. This experience allowed me to become accustomed to pressurised working environments and a demanding clientele! In 2011, I began studying at the London Film Academy, which eventually led to me devoting my time and training to becoming a commercial videographer and photographer.

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I’ve always told stories. As a child, I had my classmates hanging off the edge of their seats during storytime; the imagery as clear as day in my own mind’s eye. Telling the tale, I quickly realised, was a matter of communicating my visuals in an effective way.

Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas with a single parent on my grandfather’s farm was far from easy. It meant high academic expectations, limited means, and the never-ending narrative that in order to make something of yourself you didn’t just need to work – you needed to excel.

I collected these formative perspectives the hard way – but they’re essential today. My work is about excellence. Making that tiny adjustment that elevates everything. Reworking something at a structural level when you can see the finished piece wouldn’t have come out perfect.

There are so many things that need to be in place for communication between a brand and its audience to go right. The videographer’s or photographer’s role is to craft the system that surrounds that key message and to make the medium as effective and precise as possible.

My first taste for this magic came during my time at university. While I majored in biology and chemistry, this was a liberal arts school, which meant minoring in subjects from the arts and humanities. A friend of mine did photography, and after modelling for some of his shots, he introduced me to the darkroom.

It was astounding. An immersive and entirely encapsulating atmosphere of creativity. I remember seeing the staggering beauty of the developed black-and-white images and feeling a total sense of connection to the process I’d just witnessed.

In many ways, the darkroom wasn’t too far removed from another favourite place of mine: The lab. It’s always been an incredible space for me – and never drew from the creative, exploratory perspective the liberal arts provided. Science was just the concrete counterpart to the abstract side of the scale.

It’s the framework building; the systematization; the complete precision of testing and researching and testing again.

In the end, it was the memorization of post-graduate biochemistry while studying for my PhD that stifled me. There was no room for creation or imagination in cold, hard and unwavering formulas. So I changed my path.

The beauty of scientific precision stuck with me, though, and ultimately drove me to pursue a career in rigging – in London. This was about structures, quite literally, and the perfect process I knew and loved from the sciences appealed to me. But the work also reconnected me with that sense of freedom and choice I’d been missing in absolute biochemistry formulas. After a while, I began photographing for the TV shows I rigged and quickly fell in love with the immediacy of the finished result.

A picture conveys the essence of a moment unlike anything else. In many ways, it’s a pinnacle of communication, because you can say so much to so many in an instant.

As demand for video increased, I took my learnings from the London Film Academy and photography experience to incorporate another polished process into Epiphany Content. The same precision; the same drive to create something truly unique. Taking that story and vision from my mind’s eye, just like I did as a kid, and bringing it to life.

It’s been a long journey to get here. Twists and turns and everything in between. But one thing’s for sure: This is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Content creation is the ultimate combination of my experience; creativity, precision, communication. And I take it on with a vast array of perspective. My own, unique lenses to apply in every single piece of work.

Now my mission is to help you take your audience on a journey, too. The kind that grabs them – takes a total hold – and resonates with meaning and depth, whether it’s in the beauty of a single image or the immersiveness of a stunning piece of video.