Nord bridges global

nov 21, 2023
nord bridges global
video branding

Project overview

Nord Bridges Global approached us with a vision for establishing their high-end consultancy and event management business as a market-leader in Sweden.

The directors were looking to leverage an opportunity through an event they were organising and hosting to highlight Sweden's Say No To Hate campaign.

We filmed hero pieces for both directors and generated a hero piece for their business website. We filmed interviews of the directors and attendees, we created headshot photos for the directors, photographed the event and also filmed the various workshops and personal interactions.


We generated over 20 videos and 60 photos for the client, including a powerpoint presentation, various slides to display during key moments of the conference, interviews with key speakers, attendees and financiers, social media content in the form of graphics and interview snippets, photo coverage of the events, strategy, follow-up consultations and more.

Final Project

This hero video was created to appear on the homepage of the Nord Bridges Global website. This was filmed over two days and there was an additional day of strategy to arrange logistics.